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Our Programs


Conferences are held in major cities, smaller centres and Indigenous communities. The focus is on abuse issues prevalent among Indigenous people. Plenary sessions deal with recognition, impact and healing of issues such as sexual abuse, residential schools experience, generational impact of residential schools, grief and suicide. Counseling is provided by qualified Indigenous and non-Indigenous counselors. The conference is targeted for but not limited to victims of abuse, counselors and helpers of victims of abuse, pastors, and social workers in the Indigenous community. The presenters are mostly Indigenous men and women holding Masters level degrees in counseling.  For more information, contact Rising Above.

Regional Seminars

These are one or two day workshops addressing local issues. They can be implemented as a follow-up to a conference.  For more information, contact Rising Above.

Music Ministry

The Rising Above Band ministers at Rising Above events, native gatherings, and Indigenous & non-Indigenous churches.  Read More

Parry Sound

Johan Strydom works among 3 communities around Parry Sound, Ontario, in the areas of grief recovery, leadership development and discipleship.  Read More

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