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The Rising Above Band CDs:

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“Redeemed Redman” – Rising Above Band

Cost: $15.00 + $4.00 S&H


Redeemed RedmanThe title track, Redeemed Redman’s Cry, was inspired by a longing to reclaim of my Cree heritage. I would attribute the stirring of this passion to the renewing work of the Holy Spirit in my life. As a part of my healing journey in Christ I realized that the accepting my Cree identity and the expressing of myself from within that framework was a necessary part of this new pilgrimage. This song has Aboriginal musical flavor that may have its roots in the plains peoples of Turtle Island. The distinct ‘chorus’ cries from the beginning to the end of the song move from the mourning of losses, into a warrior’s battle cry (warring against the lies that say we are second class, voices that say our culture is lost and that we need to assimilate into a multi-nation identity, shaming or being ashamed of our Aboriginal identity and dignity) and they crescendo with a victory cry of thanksgiving to Jesus Christ for loving me as I am, affirming my uniqueness, redeeming me and calling me to worship him from my Cree heart. I pray this song would encourage my people to rise up to see and take their place in humanity.

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“Love is the Best” – Rising Above Band

Cost: $15.00 + $4.00 S&H


Love is Best cd cover

In their second album, the title track captures the story of author and lead singer Howard Jolly’s troubled childhood when his father in a drunken stupor would beat his mom. He clearly recalls his dad on his knees, exhausted after his abusive rampage, breathing the words, “love is the best.” As a boy, those words stirred anger and fear as there was no love evident in him. Later he learned his father’s words were a plea, a cry stemming from a heart that longed to experience love as a result of being orphaned with his brother Tom at age two. God heard his cry for love and “the love Jesus gave made him a brand new man.” The evidences of his new life in Christ influenced Howard to give his life to Jesus. While he used to think his father was his greatest curse, he now owns him as his greatest gift, God’s gift. 

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“Everlasting Love” – Rising Above Band  ***SOLD OUT***

Everlasting Love cd cover
Howard Jolly, a Cree from Moose Factory Ontario, traveled extensively throughout North America with Sonrise Gospel Band. Nearly two years ago, he began singing together with Rick Martin and Brenda and Terry Martin and now minister at Rising Above conferences, churches and gospel music festivals. Howard’s powerful and passionate voice along with Rick and Brenda’s soothing harmonies ministers to the heart. Their music features a collection of southern gospel songs, hymns, contemporary worship songs and original recordings.


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Rick Martin’s CD

“Northern Sunrise” – Rick Martin

Cost: $15.00 + $4.00 S&H


This album has been on my heart for some time now.  Over the last few years especially I have been asked for recordings of some of the songs I sing.  Knowing that I am often roaming the north and other places alone, with just guitar in hand, The Rising Above Band who I love singing and playing with, have blessed me to do this solo album.  So with the encouragement of the Band and many others – and knowing that I’m not getting any younger! – I started recording.  This album is what happened.  Please join me on this journey.

“Northern Sunrise” is comprised of a variety of songs including country gospel, folk, contemporary worship and a native flute song.  There are also two songs featuring Howard, Brenda and Terry from the Rising Above Band.

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Howard Jolly’s CD

“Your Great Love” – Father & Son (Howard and Joel Jolly) ***SOLD OUT***

It’s humbling to think of how God has used my songs to impact many lives. Especially ‘Love is the Best’, a song I wrote about my dad.

My son is blessed with a beautiful voice; He sang ‘Everlasting Love’ (my first song) at my graduation party. I rejoiced to hear my son sing a song that I wrote. Greater than the joy of hearing my son sing is singing with him. “Your Great Love” celebrates our Heavenly Father’s deep love. We sing ‘Diamonds in the Rain’ in honor of family and friends battling cancer and those who are mourning. ‘Deep Inside’ is for youth who struggle with feeling unworthy. We pray that they would know God’s Great Love and find their worth in Him.

As much as it thrills us to do a ‘Father & Son’ project our deeper desire is to bring God to people and people to God through our music.

We thank God for the gift of music and great friends with whom to make music; this is all for His glory.

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“HOPE for the HURTING” (Original Printing, limited inventory)
Becoming a teen survivor of childhood sexual abuse

By Howard Jolly

Newer printings of this book are available through Indian Life and Tribal Trails.

Cost: $4.00 + $2.00 S&H




Sexual abuse has damaged many lives. Victims of sexual abuse are “the walking wounded.” Howard’s compassion for the wounded is very evident in his book. He points out the journey from being a victim of sexual abuse to becoming a survivor with the ability to trust again, a desire to live again, and a love for others. His book is filled with a message of hope for becoming a survivor of sexual abuse.



“How to Counsel a Sexually Abused Person”
By Selma Poulin

Cost: $5.00 + $2.00 S&H



How to Counsel

Selma Poulin is an Oji-Cree woman originally from Bearskin Lake, Ontario. She now resides in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, with her husband Dave. They have four adult daughters and one son.

Selma completed her Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling from Providence Seminary in 1995. Professionally she began to work at a First Nations counseling agency as a counselor and later as a clinical supervisor, where she is to this day. She is also one of the Rising Above board members and an active presenter on sexual abuse and residential school healing. Over the years she has dealt with numerous sexual abuse survivors. With no one to follow up these cases at the community level, she began to put together a simple guide base on Christian principles for paraprofessional counselors.

Selma has been an active Christian going on thirty years and has a desire for her First Nations people to know God and to be healed by Him. She has allowed God to move in her life and is on a healing journey of her own.


By Irvin Goodon

Cost: $6.00 + $4.00 S&H


Irvin Goodon-Climbing


Irvin’s autobiography is his testimony of how God rescued him from a path that would have destroyed his life and blessed him to become a very successful Métis business man. Raised in a small traditional Métis home in Southern Manitoba, his background is a story that is familiar to many Métis families. In 1995 Irvin received the distinguished honour of being inducted into the Canadian Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame.



By Irvin Goodon.

Cost: $6.00 + $4.00 S&H


Irvin Goodon- Rabbit


Irvin shares his many tales of trapping and hunting and relives the memories from those experiences. As you read his book you will be inspired by his will to survive a near death experience, have a better understanding and respect for trappers and hunters and hopefully learn something that will help you be a better trapper and hunter.





Other Resources:


A life story of forgiveness, calling, and healing
By Deborah Ann

Available from

This book is the true life story of how the Lord called a young couple into a ministry amongst a community of people with broken hearts caused by abuses of every kind. Exposure to the wounded hearts of that community forced the issues from the young missionary wife and mother to the surface and then launched her on a healing journey propelled by Jesus. The Lord then opened the way for that healing to be made available to those they ministered to. Missionary life, they say, is about reaching out to people with both hands. One introducing Jesus as the Saviour and the other, introducing Jesus as the Healer.

Note: This is the story of a friend of Rising Above’s. In this book she tells of how she was impacted at a Rising Above conference.


Overcoming the tragic effects of Child Abuse
By Larry Sault & Clara Y. Heath

Available from

In a father’s arms a child should find safety. But what happens when that place of safety becomes a prison of secret abuse? Physical, mental and sexual abuse takes is toll on a child’s heart by smothering any hope of a safe tomorrow. These kinds of adolescent assaults can imprison the heart of a child held captive by the guilt of shame of a dark past, leaving only a sense of doom and the constant fear of the future.

At the hand of their father, each and every member of the Sault family was brutally violated in different and terrifying ways. For people who have spent their lifetimes doing everything they can to keep secret their own terrible tales of abuse, the prospect of moving on seems impossible. After all, hidden secrets are often lies. The good news is that once lies are exposed, they lose their power to control.
This story of triumph from defeat finally brings to the masses the most essential ingredient for healing: Hope! The truth is, you’re not alone. If you’re one of the millions of people who had their innocence stolen from them, it’s never too late to find forgiveness and strength to get better.


By Sue Carlisle

Available from

This book invites you to go on an incredible journey with the Creator of the Universe. What if the Bible is true? What if Jesus is Creator, like the Bible says He is?  What if the One who spun the galaxies, perfumed the flowers, flavored chocolate and formed every living thing really did die on a cross for us?  If Jesus is who He says He is, then we have a God whose imagination, artistic flair, sense of humor, and capacity to love is far beyond our imagination.  Sue Carlisle, the author, takes you on an expedition through the first three chapters of Genesis.  Though not a scientist or a theologian, Sue keeps it simple, taking some basic scientific facts and mixing them with Scripture to uncover astonishing truth.


By M.D. Meyer

Available from or

Jasmine is the story of a young woman who is raped and later discovers that she is pregnant. Instead of telling anyone about it, 18-year-old Jasmine Peters isolates herself from all of her friends and family, sinking into a deep depression as she contemplates the ending of her unborn baby’s life – and her own.But Andrew Martin, recently returned from RCMP training in Saskatchewan, is determined to help his childhood friend. And though it almost costs them both their lives, Jasmine ultimately has her faith in the Lord and in other people restored.Jasmine marks the beginning of a new series by M. D. Meyer, one that chronicles the healing journey of seven young people in the fictional First Nations community of Rabbit Lake. The first step in the healing journey is to courageously “face the problem.”Each of the seven books in this series represents one person’s story and they also follow along the progress of a fictional 7-week support group.“This new series of books by M. D. Meyer will be a help to those who are on a healing journey from hurts in their past and it will also provide a bridge of understanding for those who have not experienced this kind of pain. She has a gift of bringing the characters to life in a First Nations community setting with all the hardships and joys that it brings.” – Selma Poulin, MA, counselor, board member of Rising Above Abuse Counseling Agency, and author of “How to Counsel a Sexually Abused Person.”Jasmine won the Best Romance Novel of the Year award in 2011 from the Canadian Christian Writing Awards.


By M.D. Meyer

Available from or

Lewis is the second book in a series that chronicles the healing journey of seven young people in the fictional First Nations community of Rabbit Lake. The second step in the healing journey is to “Tell our story” to a trustworthy friend or counselor.

Lewis Littledeer struggles alone as a single father, unable to understand why his wife, Starla, has left him again to sell her body and soul on the streets of Winnipeg as a sex trade worker. What is it that keeps driving her away from a loving husband and the care and support of her home community?


By M.D. Meyer
Available from or

Joshua is the third book in the series “The Group” by award-winning author, M. D. Meyer. When Joshua’s abusive older brother shows up on his doorstep, Joshua’s first instinct is to send him away. But Bryan is dying of AIDS and is looking for someone to assume custody of his eight-year-old daughter, Cynarra. Joshua must choose to accept – or reject – them both.


By M.D. Meyer
Available from or

Missy is the fourth book in the award-winning series that chronicles the healing journey of seven young people in the fictional First Nations community of Rabbit Lake. The fourth step in the healing journey is to “confront the abuser.” Missy can see the damaging effects of Yvonne’s verbal abuse on Joshua, but is helpless to stop the vicious stabbing and hacking away at her husband’s self-worth. It is Joshua who must find the strength to confront the aunt whom he has cowered from all his life. But when verbal abuse escalates into attempted murder and kidnapping, Missy knows that somehow, some way, Yvonne’s reign of terror must end!


By M.D. Meyer

Available from Goldrock Press 204-359-6572 or

Romantic Suspense set in Canada’s North- M.D. Meyer . Jenny Wilson, an investigative reporter, finds more than she bargained for: Jeff Peters, a man who mysteriously disappeared from her life three years before; Missy the child she thought was dead; and a story that could make headlines across the world. But if Jenny publishes what she knows, Jeff may be sent to prison, Missy could lose her father, and Jenny will have betrayed her new friends. It is a choice that only she can make.


By M.D. Meyer

Available from Goldrock Press 204-359-6572 or

Is it really possible to forgive someone who has greatly wronged you or someone you love? And how can there be both justice and mercy? In The Little Ones, Colin Hill must face these questions when he and his wife, Sarah, become foster parents to the children of Colin’s former abuser. As the past and present collide, the love of God pierces through the darkness and true healing begins, for everyone.


By M.D. Meyer

Available from Goldrock Press 204-359-6572 or and

A beautifully crafted story of love, healing and forgiveness giving insight and hope from God to victims of abuse. The story of a boy who becomes a victim of sexual abuse is an accurate portrayal of life in remote First Nations communities in North-Western Ontario. Colin’s Choice won the Award of Merit from the Canadian Christian Writing Awards.


By M.D. Meyer

Available from Goldrock Press 204-359-6572 or and

On June 11th, 2008, the government of Canada apologized to the Aboriginal people of Canada for its responsibility in the Indian Residential school system. For those who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that still face Aboriginal people today, Deep Waters will give you the opportunity to walk “a mile in the shoes” of a First Nations person. Journey with Sarah as she is reunited with her birth mother, Gracie, a residential school survivor, and discover with Sarah why Gracie still has so many struggles in her life, even after she becomes a Christian. Set in the fictional Ojibway community of Rabbit Lake, Deep Waters will transport you into Canada’s far north for a compelling story of enduring love and sustaining faith.

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