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Eagle Wings Ministries- Online Course on Domestic Violence


Many ministers, pastors or counsellors will encounter family violence. This course is designed for today’s Christian minister to thoroughly understand the dynamics of domestic violence and how to effectively and safely minister in DV family situations.

Taught by:

Dr. Nancy Murphy (Christian counsellor, founder/director of Northwest Family Life Christian Counseling Center)
Rev. Rodger Niemeier (Director of Eagle Wings Native American Ministries; NACM Vice President),

It is a self-paced no-time-limit course of 12 units.  The CHRISTIAN RESPONSE level is being offered at an extremely reduced cost of only $49.95 USD!

And here’s a YouTube presentation by Nancy to introduce why ministers/Christians should care about DV & training:

Click Here for more information or to register.

Diploma in Biblical Counselling- Northern Youth Programs

A Continuing Education Unit Programme designed to do give the theoretical foundation and the basic skills of Level One counselling. This 10 course program will give you the opportunity to find healing for your own heart and will empower you to help others find healing for the soul wounds that contribute to a variety of problems such as addictions, depression, burn out, anger and relationship problems. Graduates will receive a diploma from Providence Theological Seminary.

Pain of the Heart- Beaverlake Counselling

A workshop for training in basic biblical counseling / discipleship skills. It covers such topics as: understanding how unhealed hurts & unmet needs affect our lives, understanding the NEW ways God gives us to deal with life, and understanding the ‘tools’ for helping others. It offers help for problems such as; disappointing relationships, addictions, suicidal feelings, burnout, shyness, anger, depression, guilt, fear, loneliness, rejection, shame, financial problems, and feelings of helplessness. Learn the power-packed principals for overcoming the pain of your heart, and receive tools to help you help others.

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