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 Prayerlines – May 2021


“Let us never forget that the greatest thing we can do for God or for man is to pray. For we can accomplish far more by our prayers than by our work. Prayer is omnipotent; it can do anything that God can do! When we pray God works. All fruitfulness in service is the outcome of prayer — of the worker’s prayers, or of those who are holding up holy hands on his behalf. -Albert Richardson


Praise God . . . Answered Prayers


  • Rising Above Band’s music can now be found on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. They also now have a YouTube channel where they are continually posting music videos.  The Band was also able to submit a music video for the National Prayer Breakfast – a virtual event to be aired at the end of May.


  • Johan (Parry Sound/Muskoka) has several clients who are making positive choices in regards to becoming/staying sober, reconciling with family members, addressing their grief and staying away from unhealthy relationships.


Prayer Priorities . . .


1.  Pray for Daren George (Smithers, BC) as he works on bringing workshops and a conference to his area. Pray also for wisdom as he encourages and counsels many who are coming to him.  Pray for discernment in setting boundaries for his time and energy.

2.  Pray for Johan Strydom (Parry Sound & Muskoka, ON) as he walks alongside people individually and through the Grief Recovery course. Pray for those in the men’s group who are anxious for the restrictions to lift so that they can start meeting again. Pray also for those who are on the difficult road of becoming clean.  Pray for wisdom as there is a lot of pain in the community.  One friend we specifically would love prayer for is Jack (*name changed).  He is really struggling right now with many challenges and as a result has suicidal thoughts.   He has been trying to find his way to Jesus for some time but each time he makes a step forward something comes along that pushes him back into past habits.  Please pray that he will be able to finally make that step to Jesus and begin a new life.

3.  Pray for Rosie Boskoyous (Edmonton, AB) as she has reconnected with a lady she was spiritually and emotionally supporting. Pray for wisdom in her school courses and personal life. Pray also about a possible workshop that she would like to offer.

4.  Pray for Ben Lim as he leads and directs Rising Above going forward. Pray for the Youth Task Force as they discern how to support young people as they bring healing to their peers. Pray also as he looks at other funding possibilities.

5.  Pray for Terry and Brenda Martin as they minister with the Rising Above Band. The Band continues to lead worship for the First Nations Community Church once a month. Pray for the Band as they deal with the tight Covid restrictions in Manitoba which makes it difficult to be together to practice and expand their ministry. Pray for wisdom as they look at the possibility of an online concert.

6.  Please pray for the Conference Committee as they plan to put together a conference online.

7.  Pray for the Rising Above Board. We are looking for 1-3 Indigenous people to serve on the board.


THANKS for your willingness to pray…


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