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 PRAYERlines – December 2023

“By prayer we couple the powers of heaven to our helplessness, the powers which can capture strongholds and make the impossible possible.”  O. Hallesby


Praise God . . . Answered Prayers

    • Praise God for the people that have expressed interest in becoming involved with the ministry of Rising Above.
    • Carrie is meeting with her first client.

Prayer Priorities . . .

  1. Pray for Carrie Misquadis (Parry Sound & Muskoka, ON) as she goes through practical training with Grief Recovery. Pray as she looks for a new client and as she studies the Bible with another client. Please pray for her health as well.
  2. Pray for comfort for Nick & Vivian Helliwell(Regina, SK) as they continue to mourn the loss of their son who passed at the end of May. Pray for a team of people to work alongside them. Pray for the conversations they have about the challenges of being both Indigenous and Christian.
  3. Pray for strength and wisdom and discernment for Ben Lim as he leads the activities of Rising Above and explores some possible partnerships. Pray for the Healing Together Connect Group to continue seeking the Lord for direction and how to best serve people on the healing journey.
  4. Pray for Terry & Brenda Martin (Niverville, MB), in their ministry with the Rising Above Band. They have a number of singing engagements in December and Brenda is experiencing a lot of sciatic nerve pain. Please pray for relief from the pain and healing.
  5. Pray for Daren George (Smithers, BC) as he plans a Rising Above Conference in Witset, BC in April 2024.  Pray as Daren continues to deal with many deaths while counselling others and balancing requests for workshops.  Pray for his health and that the doctors would find the cause of his dizziness.
  6. Pray for Johan Strydom (Parry Sound & Muskoka, ON) as he meets with some new Grief Recovery clients. Pray for all those that he meets with regularly as he will be away for a few weeks during the holidays. Continue to pray for more financial support.
  7. Pray for one more Indigenous individual to serve on the Board at Rising Above.

THANKS for your willingness to pray…


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