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Helpers on the Healing Path – Online Course

Posted on June 20, 2023

The course is now available!

A course to teach everyday people how to walk alongside others in a good way.

After years of being a doctor, counsellor and psychiatrist, and by the end of my working days, I have learned that if you can find someone you trust and you know that when you share they are really listening, you will find healing.” -Dr. Shwartz

Rising Above is pleased to present Helpers on the Healing Path, a course intended to teach people how to walk alongside others in a good way. Most of us don’t have any formal training in counselling, but what do we do when people come to us for support in life’s challenges? How do we compassionately walk with someone on the healing path?


  • Online, work-at-your-own-pace
  • 4 modules teaching essential skills in supporting others including understanding our own journey, the supportive stance, and walking alongside in cases grief and addiction.
  • Video presentations from 5 teachers

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundation: What is helping?
  • Module 2: Walking the Healing Path: A Look Inside
  • Module 3: Walking the Healing Path Together: Keys to being an Effective Helper
  • Module 5: Wellness on the Healing Path: Strategies for Self-Care


To register, please click here to go to our online learning platform.

For more information, contact Ben Lim at or at 204-388-5408.

This course has been made possible by the Acts of Grace Foundation.

To contribute to the ongoing availability of this course, please consider making a donation designated to Helpers on the Healing Path Online Course.

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