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Domestic Violence Online Course:


This course is designed to inform and equip you to understand domestic violence and so minister effectively in DV situations, that you would be a part of the growing movement addressing the unspeakable with defiant hope.  Today’s Christian Minister needs to know how to effectively intervene in DV situations and minister to abuse victims.  This outstanding and thorough training is especially for Christians & Christian ministers, taught by expert Christian DV & abuse counselor (35+ yrs.), Dr Nancy Murphy, founder of Northwest Family Life Christian counseling group in Seattle, WA.  She has developed this training because she has a huge heart for the church and its ministers, and she knows that Christian ministers are who most DV victims first turn to for help.  Are you truly prepared?

This is a self-paced no-time-limit course of 12 units.  While it is offered at the graduate level (Seattle School of Theology & Psychology – Dr Dan Allender, where Nancy is also an adjunct professor), for mental health counselors for CEU’s, and for training to teach about domestic violence, Nancy has agreed to offer this course at the CHRISTIAN RESPONSE level at an extremely reduced cost of only $37 USD!

Because Nancy has such a heart for equipping Christians and ministers to address domestic violence, we are getting this tremendous discount.  [To be a Trainer, you must take the Christian Response level first]

View a Course Introductory Video here.

The course consists of 12 UNITS/SESSIONS:

1) Self Care (as a minister to others)

2) What is Domestic Violence?

3) Love of Power and Control

4) Impact of Violence on Children

5) Domestic Violence and Parenting

6) May’s Story; Safety Plan

7) Kani & Roger’s Story

8) Lila’s Story

9) DV & Human Trafficking

10) Stephanie & George’s Story

11) Coordinated Community Response to DV

12) Completion

This course is entirely ONLINE (internet). Certificate of Completion sent upon completion.

To register for the course:  

Click the following link  (this will automatically give the NACM discount of $37 tuition, rather than the $67 or higher public tuition).  Once on that webpage: click on CHECKOUT oval button (right side of screen); then click on SIGN UP HERE orange oval button (return to the same link to sign back into the course once you are signed up).

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