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Mission Statement

To bring healing to our land by educating, equipping and empowering aboriginal people
to address their pain and rise above it.

Vision Statement

To see aboriginal people empowered by the Spirit to experience life, identity and purpose in
Christ as God the Father intended.

The Beliefs:

  1. There is one living and true God, creator and sustainer of all things, infinitely perfect and eternally existing in the communion of three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. God the Father is the ground of all truth, the standard of all goodness, the measure of all beauty, who supplies providential care for all that he has made and loved.
  3. Jesus Christ is Lord, God incarnate, fully human and fully divine, one person forever, the truth whom we seek and adore. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, Jesus lived a sinless and obedient life, atoned for sin by his death on the cross, rose bodily for our justification, and ascended to glory where he now mediates on behalf of his people.
  4. The Holy Spirit enables believers to live holy lives by God’s regenerating, sanctifying, and illuminating power.
  5. Holy Scripture is divinely inspired, complete, entirely trustworthy, and authoritative for faith and life. It is to be believed as God’s instruction, obeyed as God’s command, and trusted as God’s pledge.
  6. Human beings are created male and female in the image of God. They are called to glorify God, to live in communion with God and one another, and to be stewards of God’s creation. All people fail to live up to this calling. They are sinners by nature and by choice. Sinners are justified and renewed only by accepting the grace and mercy of God, poured out in the crucified and risen Son, who is received by faith alone.
  7. The Church, the body of Christ, is composed of all true believers. Local churches, as the visible presence of Christ’s body, are called to declare the good news of salvation through worship, discipleship, and witness among the nations.
  8. Through the cross God triumphs over the evil powers that violently oppose God’s plan and people. Jesus will visibly return to reign over all creation in power and glory. The righteous in Christ will rise to eternal life and the unrighteous to eternal separation from God.

The Values:

  1. We value the Bible, the inspired word of God as the ultimate authority and source of absolute, definitive truth for all people (2 Timothy 3:16).
  2. We value the incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ, as central to wholeness of life and inner transformation of the human soul (2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 6:1-12)
  3. We value the person of the Holy Spirit as the true counselor who directs the counselling and helps appropriate the transforming power of the Gospel (John 14:16, 26; Romans 8:6-11).
  4. We value and adopt the Institute for Biblical Counselling (IBC) model of Christian counselling as Rising Above’s model of counselling.
  5. We value First Nations People who are compassionate and passionate about helping First Nations People: aboriginal board members; aboriginal presenters (balance in genders).
  6. We value leadership development: broadening the base of leadership and training First Nations people in the Rising Above model of counselling. We value an individual’s cultural background and identity and the role it plays in realizing wholeness of life.
  7. We value a team approach to ministry: individuals operating in their areas of giftedness all working in unity of purpose to achieve a common goal.
  8. We value the interconnectedness of like-minded ministries as a resource and support base.
  9. We value financial accountability to God, our supporters and to the government.
  10. We value community driven conferences: community input, involvement, expressing their needs.
  11. We value the name “Rising Above”: ( Rising Above Abuse Counselling Agency )
  12. We value First Nations people and Youth as target people for the ministry.
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